Thursday, January 26, 2012

Evelyn | Vista Newborn Photographer

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At the end of November, I got a new niecey! Aaand a horrible cold. No one wants to get a newborn sick, so I stayed clear of this sweet bundle, and at the first sign of recovery I trekked over and snuck in a few shots.

Snap. Sneeze. Sanitize.  Repeat. 

After fourteen days on this bright, exciting world, newborns start to be more alert and don't fall into that deep sleep photographers need for those cozy, cute, posed shots. I made it on the infamous day fourteen, and was glad we fit it in because she was awake for most of it (but successfully passed out after some good coaxing), and her mama needed to get her Christmas cards out. I must mention what a spectacular thing this was for me to see... Gen, you had a baby, and had your announcements and Christmas cards out in the mail the first week of December. You are amazing!

I was organizing my craft drawer (more appropriately dubbed, "Crap Drawer," by my husband and myself, because of all the knick knacks waiting for a spare, childless moment to be turned into creative masterpieces) and found my wedding thank you's, and the 30 wallet-sized photos intended to be inserted into my baby shower from my first pregnancy. This May/June, my husband and I celebrate our 5th year of marriage, our son's 4th birthday, and our third child. That's horrible. So, Gen, you can see why I have such amazement at your accomplishments. I'm in awe!

By the way... thank you everyone for your encouragement, support, and lovely wedding/shower gift. =/

Without further ado, here is Miss Evelyn Joyce, and her proud, big sister, Olivia.
Welcome to the world, sweet girl!


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