Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Finals are over, and now it's catch up time! This is the Greenberg family. We had a great time, and somehow managed to get so many great shots of FIVE kiddos!

Here are some of my favorites.

Greenberg Family | San Diego Family Photographer

Thursday, September 29, 2011

I'm so excited to be working on a new package plan here, at Melissa Taylor Photography. One of the new products available to you is the 3x3 Mini Accordion Album. These albums come in identical set of three, and are especially lovely for newborn sessions, because you can give two away, and still save one for yourself. They're small, cute, and customizable. This is one of the three templates that I offer (from Melissa Davis Design!) and I adore it!! It's printed on pearlized paper, so it has a gorgeous glittery sheen to it.

This is the front cover.


The inside panel. The albums could potentially hold twelve photos.

Outside panel.

Stay tuned for more print package details. Contact me at for more information, and to book your next session!

New Print Products | North County San Diego Photographer

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Sadie and Kadee. The dynamic, wiggly duo.

Forgive me for the possibility of this annoying tune getting stuck in your head, but I can't help but sing the "Toyland," song when I see these photos of my little girl and her neighbor-friend.

Esther and I took on a challenge of wrangling two runaways, and with me taking the photos, we quickly discovered we were outnumbered. At first, the girls weren't too keen on holding still/ not making grouchy faces/ sharing, so I snapped a few, then we tried again after a nap. The second attempt was much more successful!

I like to call this one "Shenanigans," because she kept trying to run away. She looks like she's up to no good, I tell you!
Josh sat on the sidelines most of the time and serenaded us with lovely musical keyboard accompaniment.

Tangerine face.


In conclusion, I loved to see these little ladies be kids and get dirty in their little matching princess outfits. Adorable. PS, Esther, thanks for letting me steal some shots of Sadie!

Little Girl Land| North County San Diego Children's Photographer

Saturday, August 27, 2011

You remember the beautiful Marks family (View their maternity session here)?? Well, their little one is here! Shiloh is beautiful, and (I think!) looks so much like her older sister. We spent around four hours working on this session, gently posing, shooting, soothing, patting, changing, and it was worth every minute. I'm so glad we saved the outside shot for last. The sun broke out right before sunset, and was glowing and beyond perfect. Congratulations, Marks family.

Shiloh | North County San Diego Newborn Photography