Sunday, September 18, 2011

Little Girl Land| North County San Diego Children's Photographer

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Sadie and Kadee. The dynamic, wiggly duo.

Forgive me for the possibility of this annoying tune getting stuck in your head, but I can't help but sing the "Toyland," song when I see these photos of my little girl and her neighbor-friend.

Esther and I took on a challenge of wrangling two runaways, and with me taking the photos, we quickly discovered we were outnumbered. At first, the girls weren't too keen on holding still/ not making grouchy faces/ sharing, so I snapped a few, then we tried again after a nap. The second attempt was much more successful!

I like to call this one "Shenanigans," because she kept trying to run away. She looks like she's up to no good, I tell you!
Josh sat on the sidelines most of the time and serenaded us with lovely musical keyboard accompaniment.

Tangerine face.


In conclusion, I loved to see these little ladies be kids and get dirty in their little matching princess outfits. Adorable. PS, Esther, thanks for letting me steal some shots of Sadie!


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