Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's true. My littlest is six weeks old today. She's sweet, SO strong, sleeps through the night, takes a bottle in preparations for when I go to photo sessions, and smiles so much! Is this real life?

Six Weeks | Vista Newborn Photographer

Sunday, July 1, 2012

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This morning, the sun was out and shining, and the natives (aka children) were restless, so I kicked them out! Jeff and I, of course, came with them and went to our side yard. It's a massive work in progress. It was a beautiful little escape, with roses and a picket fence, but being a parent has definitely taken it's toll on it =|

I'd love to think that I'm a perfect candidate for gardening because of my family lineage and hours as a kid outside, but I'm coming to realize that perhaps, at least at this point in life, I'm a fair-weather-gardener. The sun comes out, voila! I'm all over edible gardens, composting, and microgreens. But maintenance in the cold/hot/ slightly uncomfortable to be outside days? Nada. Just not feelin' it.

I'm determined to at least have something nice, and not hard to look at over there. So, today I began my journey by mentioning an idea to Jeff. It must be from Pinterest, or some gardening eye-candy place. I began to pick a few succulents to explain, since they're plentiful here, and don't die when you don't water them, and decided since I was starting, I may as well finish! Took about five minutes to pick, find and old pot, and arrange these babies, who also will not die when I forget about them... but probably when the curious kiddos discover their beauty and want a piece for themselves.

Good luck little buddies!

Also, some fun shots my dad asked me to take =) I think I know where I get my eye for things...

Sunday Morning Sunshine | Vista Photographer