Thursday, January 26, 2012

December 27th, I got a text. I jumped up, put on some makeup and got ready to head out the door. I had wondered how this was going to work, with two kids of my own, constantly hungry from being pregnant, and a sick husband, but the timing for me was impeccable. It was only 7:30 pm, but the kids and hubs were in bed, and I had just eaten dinner. Score!

It's silly to think that there I was putting makeup on, wondering how I looked, and how convenient the timing was, when I knew I was going to go document a day in history. It certainly wasn't me doing the laboring, or making a grand entrance! I was pumped full of adrenaline at the thought of being able to be a small part of this. It was the night Miss Kora was entering the world, and I'm certain it'll never be the same.

I stepped out of the door after checking my equipment twice, okay, maybe five times, remembering the feeling of leaving for the birth center and searching for my "baby bag" of essential things required to have a baby (though, now looking back on it, my second baby bag was packed with much less than the first pregnancy's, but I'm pretty sure they both were left in the car entire whole labor...).

Right there, bright as the Cheshire Cat's smile, was the moon rising, like a huge grin.

You were long awaited, Miss Kora, and I'd like to imagine that the moon was smiling in excitement and anticipation the night you were born, for everything you've brought to this world with you.

This was such an amazing experience, that I'd love to do again. If you're interested in having birth photos taken, please email me at

Kora | Vista Birth Photographer

At the end of November, I got a new niecey! Aaand a horrible cold. No one wants to get a newborn sick, so I stayed clear of this sweet bundle, and at the first sign of recovery I trekked over and snuck in a few shots.

Snap. Sneeze. Sanitize.  Repeat. 

After fourteen days on this bright, exciting world, newborns start to be more alert and don't fall into that deep sleep photographers need for those cozy, cute, posed shots. I made it on the infamous day fourteen, and was glad we fit it in because she was awake for most of it (but successfully passed out after some good coaxing), and her mama needed to get her Christmas cards out. I must mention what a spectacular thing this was for me to see... Gen, you had a baby, and had your announcements and Christmas cards out in the mail the first week of December. You are amazing!

I was organizing my craft drawer (more appropriately dubbed, "Crap Drawer," by my husband and myself, because of all the knick knacks waiting for a spare, childless moment to be turned into creative masterpieces) and found my wedding thank you's, and the 30 wallet-sized photos intended to be inserted into my baby shower from my first pregnancy. This May/June, my husband and I celebrate our 5th year of marriage, our son's 4th birthday, and our third child. That's horrible. So, Gen, you can see why I have such amazement at your accomplishments. I'm in awe!

By the way... thank you everyone for your encouragement, support, and lovely wedding/shower gift. =/

Without further ado, here is Miss Evelyn Joyce, and her proud, big sister, Olivia.
Welcome to the world, sweet girl!

Evelyn | Vista Newborn Photographer

Monday, January 16, 2012


Sunday, January 15, 2012

Another year past. I can't be the only one who felt like they were strapped into a racecar and sent through a year at full speed, right? It's gone so fast, it's halfway through January when I'm writing my "end of year" blog post! Oopsies. This year, I want to be a better caretaker to my blog, and not write the boring 'ol fluff, but something real and that can be related to... so here we go!

Photography included, its been a year of learning and trusting. My husband and I began school full time last January, which was an adventure of its own. I shot my second and third wedding, shot for Miss Fallbrook 2011, and even got a chance to dabble in birth photography. I've gotten to taste so many forms of photography and it's helping me to figure out what it really is I want to pursue as a photographer. This year will be even more focused on that.

As if our hands weren't quite full before, we decided to get a new puppy! His name's Russell, and he's a big lug, a St. Bernard/ Lab Mix, and much, much larger now.

What's a funnel doing in a wagon, you ask? You'll have to ask my son!

Also, I suppose it's time to mention that the last few months have been a bit slowed down on the blog because my work time (aka 10pm - 1am) was temporarily reserved for.... the growing little girl that's taken up residence in mah belleh, due at the end of May. Yep! I realized a bit ago that I never made it known on my fan page! I'm coming to the point in the pregnancy where it's, well, unavoidably noticeable that I'm indeed pregnant and not just letting myself go, so I figured I'd warn you out there! Thank you to my last few shoots, including my latest wedding, which were done with almonds in my pocket, and surprisingly few bathroom trips.
For the those of you who have a hard time with these, this is not an inkblot, it's a baby.

I've hit that nesting stage, so the well welcomed, clean-frenzied woman has come out of me. I arranged about twenty photos on my wall, pinterest style, mopped in places I haven't looked at since my last two pregnancies, and have scrubbed my hands raw. Yesterday. There are some changes and clean-ups due to happen very soon on my site and the way things are run around here, too. No stone left unturned!

Most of all, I wanted to really, truly thank all of my clients and fellow photographers who have encouraged, supported, taught, and had so much grace with me in my first year of business. It's a bit cut-throat out there in the photography world. I've been taught things from those a few years ahead of me, who have saved me so much strife, and also talked some sense into me when those tough questions like pricing, and the digital file versus prints decision had me questioning everything I was doing.You know those dreams where you're walking around school, naked? These are the moments I'm referring to, and I'm sure anyone in this business can relate to.

Does she not have ANY self-respect??
When I was 15, I didn't make the field hockey team. Awkward little Melissa just didn't realize that the high school team had it's bars set a tad bit higher than the ultra- encouraging, and perhaps coddling, team from my middle school. So, what's a girl in a new district to do? Water polo! I joined the waterpolo team during preseason, and was told to suit up and stop by preseason practice at the local college. The pool was much better than the elementary school pools I later practiced in (a little foreshadowing...See, I made the team! ), but I'd never swam a legitimate pool "lap" in my life! My gracious new coach suggested try putting my head down in the water, instead of swaying it side to side with each desperate stroke. So THAT is why they wear goggles!!

Nope. After two kids, the self respect is pretty much gone.
Next up, a scrimmage. Whaaaaat? Little freshman Melissa was thrown into a full on scrimmage with senior varsity players. Yes, I swallowed a lot of water. Yes, I threw the ball to the wrong team. Yes, felt like my brand spankin' new swimsuit from Big 5 was torn off of my body, but I survived it. I didn't only survive, I ended up on the varsity team the next year, remembering to be a bit more gentle with the freshman newbies.

Today, I'm happy to say, I've graduated the stage in photography where I felt like I was thrown into water and had to figure out how to swim. Hooray!

I've got much more to learn, but I'm loving every.single.moment. Happy 2012, World! 
Love, Melissa Taylor

(PS. I put together a little collage of some highlights of last year. I'll be posting it tomorrow!!)

Onward and Upward!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Okay, who can resist that face??

I love watching Miss Ezra grow. As part of a belly to baby package, I've gotten to take photos for her mama's pregnancy announcement, maternity, newborn, and I got to see sweet Ezra again. Lucky me!

Watch out, Krisann, next will be her birthday!

Some highlights from Ezra's newborn session.

My Favorites!

Ezra | San Diego Infant Photographer

Niki | North County Portrait Photographer