Monday, March 28, 2011

Road Trip, Pt1

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The family and I went on a road trip from southern California, all the way the coast to Redding, which is very near Oregon. It was quite a test to see whether our (almost) three-year-old son and 15 month old daughter would cope. They did splendidly, which is good news, because wed love to do something like this again!  I took several hundred photos, so I'm cranking these out a bit at a time, as family life allows =) Most were taken from a moving vehicle, so bare with me! This covers from around El Capitan, through Pismo Beach.

It was mind boggling to see cattle right next to the ocean, grazing. Now that's what I call dairy!! Happy viewing!

Get us out of here!!!
Before/after (simple editing, versus contrast boosts, etc)

ANd here's a sneak peek of the next batch! The Bay Bridge in SF.


  1. Krisann said...

    Haha! I'm guessing you meant to say, "...which is very near Oregon."
    If you're skipping over the existence of Oregon, then yes... Redding is very near Washington (though it's still a two-hour drive to the Oregon border). :)

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