Tuesday, June 15, 2010

I Heart Faces; All About Babies

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I was torn on this one. I've got two beautiful kids, and many many photos of them! I finally narrowed it down to one of my favorite pictures of Joshua. From the time he was in my belly, he was in love with music. It sounds silly to say that, except for the fact that I felt it, pun intended.Every Saturday night I sang at church, and he would kick my bladder to the rhythm. So it seems only fitting that in the outside world, he loved guitars to moment he saw one. Even at two he beats on his super- cool- rockstar drums (while I hide with the baby in the other room), and we sing about applesauce and cheese.

That said, here's my little boo, back when he was little (*sob*)


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  1. Cheryle said...

    so adorable! Great entry!

  2. Jennifer said...

    Very cute. Isn't it great to see your kids loving music from such a young age?

  3. Angela said...

    Awwwwwww... He is a cutie pie!

  4. Cascio Photography said...

    Now thats cute!! good thing you got this before he grew up too fast! ;)

  5. Natasha said...

    Cute!!! Love the guitar and his matching guitar shirt.

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